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The Long Reads


Shonda Mason wants to know what happened the night her son was murdered. Someone knows the truth. But there is a code, and she's not sure it can be broken.


A Tempest

in My Soul

A Southern Baptist pastor struggles with his longtime faith and his son's sexuality and death.

Coming Clean

A prostitute with HIV tries to win forgiveness from the person she hurt the most: her young son.

When Mercy Turns Messy

A ministry to the homeless and a local hotel become the focus of a state investigation.

Pain of Losing Child Haunts Grieving Parents

The parents of stillborn babies have to say goodbye before ever meeting their children.

A Burden So Great

A family and a town become torn over how to handle the local town drunk.

What Faith Lost

A young girl mutitated by a pit bull attack tries to recover and deal with beauty lost.

The Scoops

Sick but Not Sick Enough

A father goes head to head with the local mental health system and reveals many failures in mental healthcare.

Chilling HIV Undercurrent

The HIV virus is something some people want, surprisingly.

UTC Students Told to Retake Classes

Students are made to retake classes they've already taken and parents are furious.

U.S. Attorney Claimed Illness in Alimony Case

A newly appointed federal prosecutor fights alimony payments.

Former Superintendent

Tells His Side of the Story

An outsted educator spills the dirt on local politics and education reforms.

Hundreds of Nonprofits Close Shop

A city that once had the most benevolence in the state loses hundreds of nonprofits.

Loss of a Son Sends Family on a Journey of Forgiveness

A mother decides to forgive the woman who killed her son.

Life at the Pump: 60 Years Running a

Gas Station

After more than 60 years, a man refuses to retire from his inner city business.

Principal Warns of Threat Greater Than Gangs

A principal in the inner city tries to shake up the student body.

As Family Grieves, the Search Goes On

A tight-knit and private group called "Plain People" grieve the death of one of their own.

WWII Vet Weaves an Unlikely Sanctuary

A World War II veteran weaves sticks together to create a mysterious maze in the forest.

Small Town


A local reality television show gives a woman the fame she craves, but what happens when the show is over?